Welcome to Sew Much Baggage! Your Embroidery, Monogramming, and Personalization Super Store. We specialize in Monogramming, Business Branding, And All Things Embroidery. From Businesses to Sports Teams We Have You Covered!






All our products include monogramming, personalization or embroidery of your logo  in the price!  This is just an example of the many things we can do with our entire product line.  To learn more about monogramming and business branding please click the picture or right here! 24 Hour drop off service is available, just call 912-312-2663! You will love our products!




We have only the best selection of apparel.  We have a complete line of Hats, Mens, women's, Youth, Baby, camo, spa, and sports team apparel.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!




We have selected only the best apparel of our customers! We have a full apparel line for men, women, youth, infants! We also carry a full line of hats and visors, and a complete line of Spa Essentials.  Click here to see our entire line.




We have a HUGE selection of Handmade Bags, Stock Bags, Totes, Trendy Bags, Coolers, Lunch Boxes, Back to School Bags, and Aprons




Our bags are in our name! From our line of home-made bags to stock bags and totes we have the perfect bag for you! We also have a new line of trendy bags and totes, as well as a full line of coolers and lunch boxes. Our back to school selection has everything the student needs, and for the cooks in the family we carry a full  line of aprons! Click here to see all our products,  you are going to love them and remember monogramming, personalization, and basic embroidery is included in the price!




WE have EVERRTHING for your gifting needs! Monogrammed coozies, Bubba Jugs, Tumblers, Drinkware, Umbrellas, and License Plates, are just a few. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WHOLE LINE!




Our Gift Selection is second to none! All our your gifting needs are right here. From monogrammed coozies, tumblers and drinkware, bubba jugs, umbrellas,  and license plates, we have it all.  All personalization / monogramming, and embroidery is included in the price!  You will find what you need! Click here to see our whole line of gifts.




Bride and Groom alike will be sure to find the perfect present, robes, slippers, or shirts, we have the perfect item for your perfect day!




Our Brides love our service! We take the personal time to sit down with you and make your special day perfect.  From Bridal party casual shirts to bachelorette party drink ware, robes, tumblers, and scripted hankies, we have what you are looking for.  For the groom, we have your gifts as well. Look here to see the products we have to make your day perfect.




We have added Six New Products in the last week!! You are going to love them. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEW ADDITIONS TO THE FAMILY!!!!

We have added Six New Products in the last week!! You are going to love them. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEW ADDITIONS TO THE FAMILY!!!!